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Technical Skills

Scientific Software

Math Works MATLAB

I have over a year of experience using MATLAB. I am proficient with function writing, iterative methods, and graphical plotting. While at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) I wrote numerous MATLAB routines to analyze and plot data generated by fluid dynamic simulations. I also made extensive use of MATLAB while at UCLA for potential flow analyses.

MATLAB Samples

Wolfram Mathematica

I have four years of experience with Mathematica. I am proficient with function writing, iterative methods, and graphical plotting. While at Reed I used Mathematica to studiy methods of scientific computation and developed a model of ion trapping in two-dimensions using a rotating saddle-point potential. At UCLA I applied my experience with Mathematica to a course in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). I wrote a C-Grid generation routine and developed a two-dimensional model for inviscid flow over a NACA0012 Airfoil.

Two-Dimensional Ion Trapping

Inviscid Flow over a NACA0012 Airfoil












COMSOL Multiphysics

I am familiar with domain specification, turbulence and heat transfer modeling, and data analysis using the COMSOL Multiphysics fluid modeling system.

National Instruments LabVIEW

I have limited experience creating instrument interfaces and measurement tools with the LabVIEW software.


Drafting Software

Autodesk AutoCAD

I have six years of experience with AutoCAD. I am proficient with layer integration and all keyboard shortcuts.

Google SketchUp

I have six years of experience with SketchUp. I am proficient with layer integration and the creation of complex geometries. I have worked on everything from simple presentation models to detailed design models to heavily detailed models of hardware components.

SketchUp Samples

Emeroteque Design

Door Hardware Design


Programming Languages


I taught myself Java watching the Java Essential Training and Java Advanced Training videos on and in the process of developing a Java-based application for setting one’s desktop wallpaper based on a weighted randomizer and with more advanced timing controls.


I taught myself Python by working my way through Project Euler, a set of mathematical challenges designed for programmers. Currently I have completed problems 1-18, and 67.

Visual Basic

At Performance Software I developed test procedures in Visual Basic using Microsoft Visual Studio and the GE AutoTest Utility to test the Boeing P8-AAS Flight Management System (FMS) and the New Generation Boeing 737 U11 FMS.


At the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) I worked directly with the Fortran code for the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), creating input files, making simple modifications, and writing short subroutines for test cases. I also wrote a number of individual programs in Fortran to generate FDS input files and coordinate maps for complex geometries.


I have developed several personal websites with HTML and am familiar with basic PHP and CSS programming. I am also proficient with the WordPress content management system.


Programming Tools/Methods

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

I have experience using Eclipse for both Java and C/C++ development, Microsoft Visual Studio for Visual Basic development, and PyCharm for Python development.


At Performance Software I used DOORS to access the requirements documentation for the B737 U11 project, the Boeing P8A-AAS project, and the Boeing P8A-DDR project. I am familiar with how to sort, filter, and trace requirements.

Version Control

I have experience developing software under version control using both the SmartSVN Subversion Client, and the SourceTree Git Client.

Object Oriented Design

As part of teaching myself Java, I also learned the principles of object oriented design by watching both the Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns videos on I also implemented these methodologies in the Java-based wallpaper application I’ve been developing.

Elliptical Grid Generation

I am familiar with elliptical grid generation techniques to create smooth and uniform discretizations of arbitrarily defined computational domains.

Finite Volume/Difference Methods

I have experience programming both explicit and implicit schemes using forward, backward, and central difference methods. I am also familiar with more advanced second-order schemes such as the Lax-Wendroff and MacCormack methods. I have experience performing flux vector splitting using the Steger-Warming approach and I can perform both matrix and Von Neumann stability analyses.

Testing Methodologies

At Performance Software I have developed more than 60 test procedures covering over 500 individual test cases for the B737 U11 and P8A-AAS projects. I know how to I was commended by my focal at GE for my defensive coding on the B737 U11 project.


Office Software
Microsoft Office

I have been using Microsoft Word all of my life and am proficient with every aspect of the software. I have made extensive use of Microsoft Excel both for data analysis and graphing purposes while at Reed and for database management while at NIST. I have composed numerous presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint including a presentation of my undergraduate thesis to the Reed Physics Department and a presentation of my studies at NIST to the Fire Research Division.


I have used Apache OpenOffice software off and on over the years and am proficient with every aspect of the software including document writing, spreadsheet analysis, and presentation composition.


I have four years of experience with LaTeX and am familiar with the TeXworks, MiKTeX, and MacTeX editors. I have experience using the REVTeX 4 document class from the American Physical Society (APS). I am proficient with the use of BibTeX and the amsmath package.

Current Topics in Tear Film Dynamics

Current Topics in Solid Rocket Motor Research

Flight Structures Problem Set

Solid State Physics Problem Set

Semiconductor Optical Bandgap Laboratory Report


Operating Systems

I have been using Microsoft operating systems all of my life and am familiar with everything from Windows 95 to Windows 7.


I have five years experience with Apple operating systems, primarily with Tiger and Snow Leopard.


I have over a year of experience with Ubuntu and am proficient with basic use of the command line interface.