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Current Favorites
Attack on Titan Cosplay (Medium or Custom Fit)
3D Maneuverability Gear
SAO II Vol.2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray
SAO II Vol.4 Limited Edition Blu-Ray
Tales of the Arabian Nights (the board game)

Garnet/Ruby/Sapphire Shirt (medium, black)
Totoro Flowers Shirt (medium, creme)
Bee & Puppycat Shirt (medium, dark blue, long sleeve)
“Defeat Awkwardness” Shirt (medium)
“Baking is Science for Hungry People” Apron

Measurements: Neck   –   33.5 cm   /   13.25 in
Chest   –   94.5 cm   /   37.25 in
Waist   –   82 cm   /   32 in
Inseam   –   76 cm   /   30 in
Wrist   –   15 cm   /   6 in
Ankle   –   21 cm   /   8.25 in

Theirs Issard Bijou de France 5/8″ Straight Razor with bone handle
Bison Maroon Shell Cordovan Leather Strop

Orion Spark Keyboard
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.M Wireless Keyboard (red)
Nikon Df  Digital SLR Camera/Lens Kit (silver)
Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED Telephoto Zoom Lens

Movies/Television Series
SAO Vol.3 Standard Edition Blu-Ray
SAO Vol.4 Standard Edition Blu-Ray
Kids on the Slope Blu-Ray
The Garden of Words Blu-Ray
Usagi Drop Blu Ray
Baccano Blu Ray Box Set
Ghibli Films (Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso, Castle of Cagliostro, or Howl’s Moving Castle)
Star Trek DS9 (all seasons) / TNG (3-7 only)
Star Wars Movies (original release versions only) (4-6)
Lord of the Rings (extended)
Shall We Dance (japanese version)
Hunt for Red October
Fred Astaire Movies
West Wing (2&4 only)
Frasier (not first season)
Stargate SG-1

RH European Down Comforter (Queen, Medium Warmth)
RH European Down Pillows (Standard, Medium)
RH Italian Vintage-Washed 464 Percale Sheets/Pillow Cases (Queen/Standard, Fog)
Frosty Goddess Duvet Cover (queen)
Steven Universe Mug (standard)